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Deifying Pope Francis Obscures Where He’s So So Right, So So Wrong

We are compulsive god-makers. And this penchant was in florid display this past week as Pope Francis wasn’t just welcomed but deified. Pennsylvania Congressman Bob Brady was, perhaps, the deifier-in-chief as he pilfered the pope’s water glass, sipped reverently from it, shared it with his staff and loved ones and sprinkled the water on his grandchildren.

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The Catholic Church and Marriage Annulments

To the Editor:

Re “Vatican Announces Changes to Make Marriage Annulments Easier” (news article, Sept. 9):

Pope Francis’ changes in the annulment rules for Catholics are important for some Catholics but not for all.

Catholicism is going the way of its parent, Judaism (remember, Jesus was a Jew).

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The Beauty of Judaism and the Perils of Zionism

This video is about Beauty of Judiasm and Perils of Zionism Clip.

Christianity Without God

Argues that Christianity does not require its supernatural aspects.

Christianity without an omnipotent god, without a divine savior, without an afterlife? In this bold and hopeful book, theologian Daniel C. Maguire writes that traditional, supernatural aspects of Christianity can be comforting, but are increasingly questionable. A century of scholarly research has not been supportive of the dogmatic triad of personal god, incarnate savior, and life after death. Demonstrating that these beliefs have questionable roots in historical traditions, Maguire argues for a return to that brilliant and revolutionary moral epic of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Rescued from god, Christianity can offer a realistic global ethic to heal a planet sinking under the effects of our ungrateful mismanagement.

Marriage for All Would Make the Catholic Church More Compassionate

Peter, whom some consider to have been the first pope, was a married man according to the Bible. Had popes and priests followed his lead who could doubt that we would have a different church today? Marriage is not a “cure” for anything. It’s a challenge, a potentially enriching adventure in love.

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Pope Francis’ Appeal for the Future

Pope Francis is pleading for world leaders to defend the rights of mankind and the future of nature against the power of corporations and the pillage of “free market” dogma, a warning about the planet’s survival that vested political and media interests reject out of hand, writes Daniel C. Maguire.

The Moderate Roman Catholic Position on Contraception and Abortion

Let's start with the Roman Catholic positions (note the plural) on contraception and abortion not because it is the oldest religious tradition---it is not---but because of its influence internationally on these issues. For one thing, the Catholic Church is the only world religion with a seat in the United Nations.

Religion Dispatches Interviews Dan Maguire on His New Books

Professor Daniel C. Maguire’s latest book, Christianity Without God: Moving beyond the Dogmas and Retrieving the Epic Moral Narrative, is an ambitious project that functions as both a primer on the logical and ethical failures of theism and as a reimaging of the biblical narrative to meet the great moral challenges of our day.

Gaza being crushed by Israel

Regarding "Israel invades Gaza as attacks rise," the people of Gaza are equivalently on death row (July 18).

Desmond Tutu's Plea to the People of Israel

My Plea to the People of Israel: Liberate Yourselves by Liberating Palestine. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for Haaretz, calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.

The Loneliness of the Truth Teller

With the decline of belief in a personal God and an afterlife of bliss or punishment, many modern folk overlook the fact that, aside from their varied dogmas, the world's religions are troves of insight into human psychology, housing hard earned wisdom bred of centuries of experience.

The New Holocaust -- Israel's Final Solution

Hiding War Crimes Behind a Question

Israel claims its latest slaughter of Gazans is justified as self-defense because some militants are firing poorly aimed rockets into Israel. But that leaves out the moral context of Israel’s seizure of Palestinian land and its harsh blockade of the 1.7 million people locked in the tiny Gaza Strip, says theologian Daniel C. Maguire.

Gender inequality is a Man's Problem

The headlines are confusing. The questions they raise are even more so. For instance, we "empowered" women, right? After more than 2,000 years, the Western world finally woke up, in our time, to the astounding recognition that women, too, were human. Almost.